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Netfas as ETP Board Member: as a member of Netfas you will benefit from a simultaneous full member

The ETP Board, which includes members such as Euratex, Textranet and EU-Textiles 2030, is the place to be for partners in textile industry, innovation, testing and applied sciences. Since December 2019, when the General Assembly of the ETP agreed to the membership of Netfas to the ETP Board, we – that is to say, the Netfas members – have voting rights. These voting rights can for instance play an important role in the choice and prioritization of Strategic Programs for Textiles, allocation of EU funding, and of course admittance of new members. But maybe even more relevant is the fact that in the ETP Board, Netfas has become more visible to the European Textile industry as a whole as well as for the European scientific community.

As the President of ETP, Michael Kamm expressed in his welcoming letter to Netfas: “The ETP Board members unanimously agreed that the Textile and Fashion Universities of Applied Sciences as crucial part of the European textile research, innovation and higher education deserve a seat in the strategic decision-making body of the ETP”.

Furthermore, as M.Kamm explains: “all NETFAS members get automatically access to all ETP services, without the need for individual annual subscription payments. These services include regular information about EU programs and funding opportunities, results of EU projects, invitations to conferences, workshops and project brokerage events, the possibility to share news EU-wide through the ETP communication channels, participation to the Textile Flagship expert groups and discounted access to the Strategic Innovation Programs starting in 2020.”

As the first of these strategic programs are now ready to be launched, we will keep you posted on the opportunities to participate in the network and activities shortly.

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