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Governing structure

Netfas consists of a group of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). Together the UAS form a so called open network and is set up to support, strengthen and safeguard the position of UAS in Europe within the textile and fashion community. Decisions are to be made together as all UAS members are equal. The UAS meet at least once a year to set the course for the coming period.

Want to know which UAS have joined Netfas? Check our member list.

Netfas is a legal entity under the laws of the Netherlands. The network is formally an Association, which means that its members decide on the goals, the budget/annual contribution and the appointment of board-members of the Association during an annual general assembly (GA). The founding members, Saxion UAS in the Netherlands and HOGENT UAS&A in Belgium, have provided the members of the first Board.

We as NETFAS have a registration in the funding & Tenders Portal. The NETFAS Participant Identification Code (PIC) for the legal entity we have registered is 890159786 and can be used in the proposal submission systems.

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