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TCLF Pact for Skills LSP member registration

The Pact for Skills Support Services is creating an integrated list of all organisations involved in the Pact for Skills that will be immensely helpful in the long run to allow the Support Services to streamline, enhance, and tailor their support to the Pact members. This database will enhance networking opportunities with other Pact members, facilitate mutual learning, and showcase the reskilling and upskilling efforts made in our partnership.

To support the creation of this integrated list, we need your cooperation. It is essential that all LSP members fill in the new online registration form for the Pact for Skills or modify their application indicating membership in our LSP.

Registering will require only a few minutes of your time. The filling process is expected to take between 5-10 minutes. One of the questions will require our LSP's registration number. Please insert the number 852.

If you have not yet registered for the Pact for Skills directly (e.g. you are an LSP member and not individually registered with the Pact), you can access the registration form here.

If you have already registered for the Pact for Skills, you can edit your previous submission here to connect your application to this LSP.

Below you can download a step-by-step guide for completing the registration process for new applicants and those who need to modify an existing application. If you have questions throughout the process, don't hesitate to contact the Support Services team at:

LSP Registration Membership Guidance
Download PDF • 478KB

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