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Saxion University

About Saxion UAS

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with over 24,000 students. In the creative process new materials and their potential design play an important role. After all, new materials may lead to creations that were inconceivable before. Functionality is a key word, taking into account that can be both core materials and materials that form composites or composite products together with the core material. For example by special coating or other finishing processes. By combining knowledge in these areas, a company chooses its materials. And this is where related issues of sustainability, industrialization, manufacturability, cost and supply chain arise.


Sustainable textiles: new vergin fibres made of waste cotton, application of biopolymers in technical textiles, design for recycling, bonding-debonding technology.
Responsive smart textiles: sensor carpet, sensor shirts, optical responsive textile, system engineering and –integration.
Surface modification: digital printing, 3D printing on textiles.
Textile and clothing technology: patternloss fashion, integration of fashion and technology.


Converting cotton waste into a new fibre

Erasmus Digital surface modification (2017-2020)

Workwear to Workwear
Collecting old workwear, recycling it into SaXcell fibres and making new workwear from it

Re-using Circular Urban Fibres and Biobased Plastics in Urban Products

How textile can be used to strengthen outer walls and make flexible inner walls of buildings

Turning fabrics into a power textile with solar cells

Smart floor (slimme vloer)
Floor with fall detection function

Textile in health care
Embedding a durable, non-toxic and bacteria-inhibiting function within textiles


Textiel goes digital (textiel gaat digitaal)
Making digital printing and finishing on textiles applicable for the industry


Going eco going dutch
Turning sustainable, locally produced fibres into fabrics and process these into market ready (fashion)products.

Street Address

M.H. Tromplaan 28
7513 AB Enschede
The Netherlands

Postal Mail Address

Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Sustainable & Functional Textiles
P.O. Box 70.000
7500 KB Enschede
The Netherlands

Contact Person

Theresia Grevinga
Course Director Master Innovative Textile Development
+31 6 23 49 16 18

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