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VIA University College

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About VIA University College

VIA Design & Business develops new knowledge about design, business and material technology. The goal is to increase the student’s market value and enhance the competitiveness of businesses within fashion and lifestyle.


  • Functional and sustainable materials for the fashion and lifestyle industry

  • Design & Pattern Technology that secure functional design and a good fit

  • Virtual 3D product design and product development for the fashion and lifestyle industry

  • New sustainable production technologies

  • Smart Materials and Smart Textiles with new innovative functionalities

  • Sustainable development and circular economy: For example, how to translate the vision about a sustainable future into practice and into new sustainable business areas and competences

  • Digitalization, technology and innovation: For example, what is the role and significance of digitalization and technological understanding in how companies and consumers meet each other?

  • Business understanding and development: For example, how can design and redesign of business models and supply chains create growth?


Hemp for textile application
Uncovers the use of sustainable hemp. Hemp can become the sustainable alternative to cotton, but it requires an optimization of the entire value chain, increased demand as well the use of technologies, which makes it scaleable and competitive. The harvest, production and processing of hemp needs greater automation. Therefor a list of challenges due to the spinning of hemp-fibers to yarn and the processing of these fabrics. The program has worked with these challenges for five years, among other in the ‘Lifestyle and Design Cluster’.

Functional textiles for the health sector of the future 
Traditional furniture textiles constitute a risk of infection by contact infection and therefor is deselected by parts of the health sector. Because of this, the clinical environment, often lacks a sense of homeliness and ease. Functional textiles for the health sector of the future focus on the development of ‘easy-to-clean’ textiles, which can reduce the risk of infection, citizen to citizen, which leads to fewer infections who require treatment, fewer re-hospitalization and more homeliness in the sector.

Street Address

VIA University College

Birk Centerpark 5

7400 Herning


Postal Mail Address

VIA University College

Hedeager 2
8200 Aarhus N


Contact Person

Poul-Erik Jørgensen

+45 87550546

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