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About VIA University College, TEKO

VIA Design develops new knowledge about design, business and material technology. The goal is to increase the student’s market value and enhance the competitiveness of businesses within fashion and lifestyle.


Material science and functional design
Development of sustainable and innovative materials and production methods
Smart textiles
Innovative materials with smart functionalities
E-textiles (integration of power-consuming or supplying power units in textiles)
Pattern design
Research in fitting and sizes
Combinations of technology, materials, design, aesthetics and functionality
Creative business innovation
Sustainable approaches to, for example, supply chain management
New retail models
Trend forecasting, marketing and branding


Textiles for hospitals of the future
With a starting point on modern hospital construction, this interdisciplinary PhD project investigates how the use of smart textiles can be implemented and contribute to holistic design solutions for hospitals of the future.

Milan Resilience: Sustainable solutions for global challenges
The project Milan Resilience – future resources, future living places focuses on global challenges such as climate change and the waste of resources. Through design, technology, research and innovation the project will to try to find viable and long lasting solutions.

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