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Politechnic University of Tirana

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About Polytechnic University of Tirana 

Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUT) is the oldest public Institution of the Higher Education in Albania, established in 01.11.1951 as Higher Polytechnic Institute of Tirana. The Polytechnic University of Tirana also is the only public university that delivers a wide range of study programs in engineering and architecture in Albania. Polytechnic University of Tirana aims to improve and develop the university education of new generation of engineers and scientists as well as solving important research and scientific problems in Albania and in the region. 

The mission of PUT is to carry out its tasks in a long period of time, as:
-    to create, transmit, develop, and defend knowledge through teaching, research and services,
      as well as to train senior specialists and prepare young scientists.
-    provide opportunities to benefit from lifelong higher education in its areas of expertise.

The Polytechnic University of Tirana through continues development aims to become the most prominent centre of university undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, research, and training for professional and scientific training of specialists in the field of engineering / architecture. PUT will continue to guarantee more satisfaction of all the needs of our economy, in its perspective development, for senior specialists, who will contribute effectively and efficiently in the field of Albanian industry. 

About Textile and Fashion Department

One of the leading departments at Polytechnic University of Tirana is among others, Department of Textile and Fashion (TFD) founded in 1968. Since its establishment enormous work done by its dedicated academic staff has resulted in the development of the academic programs, the teaching process and scientific research. Textile and Fashion Department has participated in many national and international cooperation projects, conferences, and workshops. 

From 2004 the TFD organizes every two years the International Conference of Textile. Technical and scientific facilities play a major role in the activity of the Textile and Fashion Department. TFD has already set up laboratories of Physical-Mechanical and Chemical Laboratory for Textiles and Leather (accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017), The Atelier of Design and The Laboratory of CAD/CAM and apparel production, which serve for education of students from Textile Engineering and Fashion, research and moreover providing support and services to textile industry in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, etc. 

Every year a Fashion Show and Career Day is organized by Textile and Fashion Department where students present their own works that aims to promote at industrial sector of garment and footwear.

Street Address

Sheshi "Nene Tereza" No 1

1019 Tirana


Postal Mail Address

Polytechnic University of Tirana
Department of Textile and Fashion

Sheshi "Nene Tereza" No 1
1019 Tirana 

Contact Person

Dr. Tatjana Spahiu Kosova

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