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Reutlingen University

About Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University has been educating students and initiating research and development in the textile industry for over 150 years. Since the 19th century, Reutlingen and the surrounding area have enjoyed an extensive and rich heritage in this sector. The roots of Reutlingen University can be traced back to 1855. Today, the university is respected and renowned throughout the global textile industry. Close attention to business and scientific trends, and collaboration with global corporations and leading mid-sized companies provide fresh impetus, and help students to secure promising positions in the world of work upon completion of their studies.


Bachelor’s Programmes
International Fashion Retail
Textile Design – Fashion Design
Textile Technology – Textile Management
Transportation Interior Design

Master’s Programmes
Fashion Design
Fine Art
Textile Design
Transportation Interior Design
Textile Chain Research
Interdisciplinary Material Science


SkypeLab - Transcontinental Faces and Spaces

InNaBe - Slow Fashion: Creative, technical and economical innovations of sustainable fashion offers, suitable for mass market


Development of adapted processing methods of ecological adhesive and binding system with natural raw materials

Recycling of textiles and fibre composites, innovative product developments from natural and high performance fibre recyclate

Development of a very comfortable bra even for the medical sector


Sustainable transformation of the textile industry in Dietenheim


Heat resistant and non-toxic printed materials for 3D-Print

Street Address

Reutlingen University
Alteburgstr. 150
72762 Reutlingen

Postal Mail Address

Reutlingen University
Alteburgstr. 150
72762 Reutlingen

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle
+49 (0) 7121 271-8073

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