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Strategic Programmes - Launch Of Circular Economy And Bio-Based Fibres

Dear NETFAS members. 31 of August, the ETP Board discussed about the proposed Strategic Programmes to be launched. Overall, more than 10 NETFAS member subscriptions were noted, which is a good score. After deliberation, the “Circular Economy” (3 NETFAS) and “Biobased Fibres” Programmes (2 NETFAS) were voted for launch, as they received the highest overall scores from both industry and universities. It should be noted that the “Smart Textiles” programme received more NETFAS member votes (3), so it was decided to consider launching this programme early 2021. Quite surprisingly, both “Digital” programmes received a relatively low score, even though this theme is high on the EU agenda. Possibly, a modification of these themes will be considered.

For those NETFAS members whose preference is not launched, there is an opportunity to re-subscribe on very short notice (you will be informed through ETP). Note that you will enjoy a reduced subscription fee as NETFAS member. The next Boardmeeting will be on October 29th, when it is hoped that both Strategic Programmes have started with kick-off meetings scheduled early October.

For the presentation about the Strategic Programmes and other management matters see the members info page.

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