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Invite to participate in the assessment of study field “Manufacturing and Processing”- Riga

Below the letter of Kristaps Ivdris from AIKA, Quality Agency for Higher Education

On behalf of the Academic Information Centre (AIC) I would like to invite You to participate in the assessment of study field “Manufacturing and Processing” in Riga Technical University.

The experts group will consist of 5 members (3 from Latvia, and 2 from abroad). One member will act as the team chair and one as the team secretary. One of the team members will be nominated by the Students Union of Latvia and one by the Employers Confederation of Latvia. This particular study field includes 4 study programs – “Clothing and Textile Technology” (Bachelor), “Material Technology and Design” (Bachelor), “Design Engineering” (Master) and “Fiber Materials Science” (Ph.D.) - and is implemented in Riga, Latvia.

The site visit for this procedure is planned for approximately 3 days, most likely in the time period between 1st - 5th November or 8th - 12th November (year 2021). Due to the Covid-19 pandemics we plan that assessment visit will be organized partially online, with foreign experts participating online. Our Agency already has gained experience of partly online visits (usually local experts go to site visit but others participate online) and fully online evaluation procedures.

Could You please inform me about Your willingness to participate in this procedure and Your availability on the mentioned time period?

I also need to mention, that after receiving Your confirmation Your participation will be subject to approval according to AIC standard procedure for approving experts.

Methodology includes description of procedures steps >>

After the site visit experts are asked to write joint opinion following The guidelines for the preparation of the joint opinion of the group of experts for study fields:

Just in case, I’ve added information about conflict-of-interest:

1. expert is not employed, and have no other type of contract with the institution of higher education, the study field of which is being evaluated, neither has been employed in this institution of higher education within 2 years before the on-site visit;

2. expert is not in the composition of decision-making or advisor bodies of the institution of higher education, the study field of which is being evaluated;

3. expert is not studying in the institution of higher education and within 2 years before the on-site visit, has not graduated from the institution of higher education, the study field of which is being evaluated;

4. in the assessed study field, no people who are experts father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, child, grandchild, adoptee, adoptive parent, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister or spouse are involved.

We kindly ask You to indicate if You would be interested and available to participate in this review. If You aren't maybe You can suggest Your colleague.

If You have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Kristaps Ivdris


Augstākās izglītības kvalitātes aģentūra

Dzirnavu iela 16/k2, Rīga, Latvija, LV - 1010

tel.: +371 67 251 162


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