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Netfas as legal entity

For several years, Netfas was an informal network of Universities of Applied Sciences, but since April 2020 Netfas is an Association under Dutch Law.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) with textile & fashion departments, have been working together and in consortia for a long time. In the Netherlands for instance, UAS “Artez” is active in eco-design and consumer awareness in its Arnhem-based Fashion Design group, while fashion & retail management and business model development is an important activity in the Amsterdam UAS “Amfi”. At Saxion UAS, the lectorate on Sustainable & Functional Textiles has been focusing on the materials and process technologies for many years.

At Saxion, the need to extend our network from a mere regional to an international partnership was felt strongly. This drive is shared with the Gent UAS&A (“HoGent”) in Belgium, where the Fashion & Textile Institute FTI has been active in numerous European projects and consortia for a number of years. This is where Saxion and HoGent joined forces and are proud to be founding members of the Netfas Association.

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