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Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts


About Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The Lucerne School of Art and Design with nearly 140 years of existence is the oldest college of art and design in German-speaking Switzerland. It offers a vivid and challenging environment that inspires research and teaching.
On the basis of specialist textile knowledge and a wide range of interdisciplinary competencies, the Products & Textiles research group conducts practice-based research at the interfaces between design, technology, materiality, history and sustainability. Together with partners from industry and research, the group reflects the historical as well as innovative dimension of design, analyses processes and systems or develops innovative products.


Taking its bearings from the interfaces between “Design & Sustainability”, “Design & Technology”, “Design & Materiality” and “Design & History”, the research group focuses on the development of visionary concepts, on the design and implementation of trail-blazing technologies, products and processes, as well as on the restitution of archives and corporate histories.

Design & Sustainability: Materials, processes and products can be observed and evaluated from the design perspective with the aim of closing material cycles, optimising the use of resources and extending the life-cycle of products (novel fiber types like banana or bamboo, pre-processes of mechanical and chemical textile recycling, circular design strategies).
Design & Technology:  On the basis of design visions and systematic experimental investigations, interdisciplinary project teams develop concepts for innovative processes and products which are transposed into contemporary application scenarios and put to use as prototypes.
Design & Materiality: Detailed transdisciplinary research on the characteristic and properties of materials in theory and practice serves to develop new kinds of methods for processing and finishing.
Design & History: The research group has developed competencies for the archiving of textile objects. The group’s experience in the analysis of material culture is complemented by the exploration of complex cultural, economic and technical interrelations of historical design production.


Texcycle analyzes and optimizes the processing of used clothes with the aim of closing the loop in the textile life cycle and turning the output of current processes into a new, upcycled raw material.

DAFAT (Digitale Applikation von Farbe auf Textil)
A technology which applies colour 3D with a new aesthetic, touch and feel on textiles in interaction with the designer. (Award Winner of the Design Price Switzerland 2015, research)

Development of an innovative multi-layered interior textile insulating system based on fabrics. It can add to traditional insulating systems.

Silk Memory
The Lucerne School of Art and Design maintains a database with textile sources on the Zurich silk industry. The online database at the Silk Memory Web Portal has been available for research, teaching, and as a source of inspiration since November 2016.

Street Address

Lucerne School of Art and Design

745 Viscosistadt
Nylsuisseplatz 1
CH - 6020 Emmenbrücke

Postal Mail Address

Lucerne School of Art and Design

745 Viscosistadt
Nylsuisseplatz 1
CH - 6020 Emmenbrücke

Contact Person

Tina Tomovic, Researcher

+41 41 248 61 83

Tina Moor, Researcher and Head of the Bachelor’s Programme in Textile Design

+41 41 248 61 60

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