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Fashion/Apparel journals

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International Journal of Fashion Design,
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Managem
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Research journal of textile and apparel
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Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
Strives to strengthen the research base in clothing and textiles, facilitate scholarly interchange, demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of the field, and inspire further research. Publishes articles in areas such as aesthetics and design, consumer theories and behavior and historic and cultural aspects of dress.


Fashion and Textiles
Dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among academic and industrial researchers in the field of fashion and textiles. Includes 4 technical research divisions: Textile science and Technology, Clothing Science and Technology, Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business and Fashion Design and History.


International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology
Addresses all aspects of the science and technology of clothing-objective measurement techniques, control of fibre and fabric, CAD systems, product testing, sewing, weaving and knitting, inspection systems, drape and finishing, etc.



International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
Forum for research in fashion design, pattern cutting, apparel production, manufacturing technology and fashion education. Encourages interdisciplinary research and the development of an academic community, which will share newly developed technology, theory and techniques in the fashion and textile industries, as well as promote the development of education practice in the clothing and textile fields.

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal
Covers all activities relating to the management and marketing functions in the garment manufacturing and retail sectors (as opposed to fibre or fabric issues).


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
Aims to monitor and analyse global fashion marketing needs and trends, generate and integrate new ideas and theories related to fashion, design, and culture marketing theory and practice. Also refines applications of new research methods and techniques in fashion, design, and culture marketing.


Research Journal of Textile and Apparel
Aims to have a strong representation of the current developments of scientific research results that introduce new concepts, innovative technologies, and improved understanding of materials and processing, management, design and retailing related to fiber, yarn, fabric, dyeing and finishing, apparel for different applications in Asia.


Textiles and Clothing Sustainability
Designed to provide a platform to exchange information pertaining to all sustainability aspects of textile and the clothing sector among research scientists, textile technologists, fashion designers and industrial experts.

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