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Design journals

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including graphic, product and fashion design


Design and Culture
Examines contemporary “design,” broadly conceived, as a cultural phenomenon and in historical perspective. In-depth articles analyze a broad range of contemporary design artifacts, as well as current discourse about, and representations of, the field of design.


Design Issues
Examines design history, theory, and criticism. Provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design. Special guest-edited issues concentrate on particular themes, such as design history, human-computer interface, service design, organization design, design for development, and product design methodology.


Journal of Design History
Plays an active role in the development of design history (including the history of the crafts and applied arts), as well as contributing to the broader field of studies of visual and material culture.

Journal of Design Research
Interdisciplinary journal, emphasising human aspects as a central issue of design through integrative studies of social sciences and design disciplines.


The Design Journal
Covering all aspects of design with articles on design in both cultural and commercial contexts. Provides a forum for design scholars, professionals, educators and managers worldwide.

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